Coming to Canada to Visit

Coming to Canada as Tourist, Visitor Better this Time

Inside: Planning to come to Canada to visit and tour? Read on to learn how best to apply.

Getting approved to come to Canada as a tourist or visitor seems to get better chances these days.

Unlike before, the thinking was that you needed to prove you have money to show when you apply. That may still be true, however, money is not the only factor.

It is not just demonstrating you’ve got the funds, but also to present a convincing, factual reason that you have a job, a life in the Philippines, or wherever you came from, to go back to.

In this scenario, you are applying as a tourist on your own, not with relatives helping, to go sightseeing in Canada.

If you have no funds to show but have family or relatives living as citizens or permanent residents of Canada, you can ask them to write an invitation letter for you. This is the case of applying for a visitor’s visa. Your relative serves as the guarantor.

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Your main purpose here is to visit family or relatives, and of course, the touring comes with it, too. The ones inviting you will be the ones to show proof that they can financially support your stay in Canada and will accommodate you at their residence (even though you may not really stay all the time at their house as you will likely be in hotels or Airbnb as you tour).

This letter of invitation has to be notarized and will not cost much, nor be a hassle.

For your folks to say Yes, our advising group, Canada Bound Coaching, offers tips on how to apply as visitors to Canada.

Visitor Visa vs Tourist Visa

A visitor visa and tourist visa is different due to the nature of entry that both the visas offer.

The visitor visa offers multiple entries with the validity based on your passport validity with a travel period of 6 months at a time when you visit for a purpose, such as visiting family, etc.

On the other hand, with the tourist visa, the nature of entry is a single entry where the applicant is allowed visa for the time on which he/she is traveling to Canada.

The purpose of the visit decides the nature of entry.

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The two visa categories differentiate in terms of the time period that both the visa categories offer to the candidates.

The duration of your stay is based on the visa officer, if you are visiting on Canada visitor visa, you are allowed to visit Canada for a maximum of 6 months on a single-entry in Canada.

Also, in the case of a tourist visa, the entry is for the time period for which the tourist is in Canada but can also be extended in some cases, as well.

Whether you have “ show money,” or not, we believe it is best to ask your relative for an invitation letter to increase your chances of being approved.

Please email for guidance at an affordable cost.

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