About Us

Canada Bound Coaching
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Canada BoundCoaching is an email and zoom-based service designed to provide advice and guidance to prepare for successful application to work, tour, immigrate, and study in Canada.

We are trying to help applicants from being impacted financially by unnecessary and exorbitant fees charged by so-called agents.

  • Helps you navigate the pathways to Canada
  • Provides honest, well-informed, caring advice from first to last steps
  • Open & engaging discussions give opportunities to be smarter with your plans
  • Offset your lack of qualifications to increase chances of getting in
  • Have a strong application to be more competitive
  • Enhance your test-taking skills to pass or score higher in language proficiency tests
  • Explore possibilities you didn’t think do-able
  • Reasonable, negotiable fees geared to income
  • Services rendered are not for profit, but service to the Filipino community.

With continued guidance from those with lived experience from the start, the vision of Canada Bound Coaching (CBC) is that “No individual or family should have to pay so much fees when they try to come to Canada.”

This page provides information about the services of CBC. When you avail of this service as a client, you acknowledge and agree to the terms as laid out below.

How Canada Bound Coaching Works

Step 1: Your inquiry and statement of your goal(s) will be responded to by CBC professionally and responsibly.

Step 2:  You as the client will access/contact the CBC coaches who will work with you to understand your specific needs and create an individualized plan and path to Canada.

Step 3: Specific services will be provided based on your goal(s). For example, assistance to search for, and vet employers will be provided.

Step 4: Application review. All your documents will be reviewed to make sure everything is according to Canada immigration checklist, and nothing is missed.

Step 5: Follow up and support will be provided as you progress with the application including preparation for interview. You will be offered a mock interview to rehearse for questions that may be possibly asked during your interview at the Canadian visa office.

Step 6: As you arrive in Canada, follow up and support will continue as requested. For example, you as the client will receive advice and assistance in settling in into your final destination.

Who can I talk to if I have more questions or want more information?

If you have more questions about CBC, or if you change your mind and want to withdraw from this service at any time, please contact us at admin@canadaboundcoaching.com

If you prefer by mail, CBC will provide addresses on your email. CBC partners are based in BC, Manitoba and Ontario.

Meet your coaches here.