Disclaimer and Confidentiality

What Canada Bound Coaching ( CBC ) does, and does not do

We are advisors who will render service in good faith, not to take advantage of you.

Information and pathway provided are for your use only. These will be reviewed and analyzed to ensure thorough and complete application in order to get an interview or obtain permit that will lead to a visa.

We do not provide legal counsel nor can legally represent you, as we are not lawyers.

Likewise, we are not immigration consultants, thus, our services are based only on our experiences and research.

What information does CBC collect? How do we protect your information?

• CBC records information such as name, address, contact details, and other relevant information such as resume/C.V. to better understand your needs and goals.

• CBC will not release your information to anyone without consent. Information is used only as part of working with you.

Your confidential information will be protected at all times.

Information is shared amongst CBC team members on a need-to-know basis (kung kinakailangan lang) and as appropriate to maximize the value of the service/resource options presented to you.

Avoiding/Minimizing risks with communication electronic communications

• Communications with CBC staff members occur via email and Zoom. Zoom sessions will not be recorded and will be held in a secure, confidential place on the part of the CBC. Make sure that you will conduct Zoom sessions in a secure, confidential place at your end, so we avoid compromising your personal, financial and confidential information.

• Email may not be a secure form of communication and therefore CBC cannot guarantee the security and confidentiality of messages that you may send or receive.

• CBC is not liable for any damages, consequences, or injury arising from the use of email communications.

For more information : admin@canadaboundcoaching.com